LiveWell Overview Healthy Huddle - Shared screen with speaker view
Wendi Miller
There are individuals who are finalizing points from last year's program. The deadline for entering points is this Friday at 5 p.m. When points are entered, are they verified immediately so that the correct level of reward can be selected by 5 p.m.?
Jennifer Thomson
For these challenges, I have an issue with my Fitbit linking and staying linked. I often have to sync/unsync and such and even that doesn't always work.
Shannon Cook
Agreed Jennifer - mine is with my apple watch.
Shannon Cook
Did our new hires receive their fit kits?
Ceara Easley
Is there any easy tracking worksheet or something that helps to identify which class points go where?
Laura Parsons
I am new as of April. I participated with LiveWell but never received my fit kit
Ceara Easley
@Shannon I did not. Dawn told me once we are back in person I can come to BC to get one.
Erica Cherry
Something I would find useful for the recordings, is to have a brief description of the class along with the link -- for example, relaxing vinyasa, or focus on neck/shoulders. That way when we're going back to pick a recording, it's a bit easier to find a specific type of class based on what we may need that day. I primarily do the yoga classes, but others might find something like this helpful for the other recorded classes as well.
Shannon Cook
Good question Ceara. I was going to ask if, when a meeting is scheduled on our calendars, if it could include what Livewell category it falls under. That would be helpful.
Wendi Miller
Did I hear you say that the first Challenge Campaign will begin in January? If so, there is an overlap between Step/Minute Challenge and the Challenge Campaign. So can we claim points for participation in both activities? In the past, I was not able to claim points for the Minute Challenge while participating in the Challenge Campaign. Thanks
Wendee Woods
Agreed Erica!
Anna Miller
Yes, great suggestion Erica.
Anna Miller
The DNA Learning session yesterday would also qualify for points. Don't forget to log that in too. :)
Ceara Easley
Thanks Anna!
Wendee Woods
Disappointed that the points were reduced for volunteer time. Our non-profits need us now more than ever!
Jennifer Thomson
@Caera - this is the guide that you'd want to print for easy ways to identify the class points
Wendi Miller
Wendee, remember that volunteer hours still count for the Dollars for Doers program. Non-profits can still benefit thru donated funds for volunteered hours.
Wendee Woods
Thanks Wendi. Hope you are well!
Ceara Easley
Thanks Jennifer!
Karla Lutjens
Same I have issues with my apple watch linking.
Rocio Bringas Acevedo
Thank you