Financial Workshop - Shared screen with speaker view
Brenda Holling
Are the people listed actual dependents or if it just lists them as older children
Sarah Snider
Brenda - the system will accept a variety of inputs for family members, but is not specific to 'dependents'. In other words, adding your older children is fine and will not affect the planning as if they were dependents. Does that answer your question?
Brenda Holling
Yes - thank you!!
Lisa Knoop
Please have speaker repeat questions as you cannot hear what others are saying. Thanks.
Ashley Picklo
Will do, thank you Lisa!
Brenda Holling
My bank doesn't link. Do I have to add manually or is there something else I need to do to link it?
Sarah Snider
The links can be a bit tricky; we'll have the speaker touch on that for everyone soon.
Sarah Snider
Just to follow up on issues with account linking - feel free to reach out to Doug with issues. We can work with you to get them connected.
Brenda Holling
Thanks so much - I will connect with Doug.
Brenda Holling
Natasha asks - what is the advantage of this software vs. Mint.com?
Sarah Snider
If you are using something that already works for budgeting, you don't need to utilize the spending/budgeting tool. You can simply pull your expense from Mint and upload them as a static number. The only benefit of using this as opposed to another budgeting tool would be having all the information in one place. This site is especially powerful for financial planning, so the more info it holds on you, the better.
Sarah Snider
To use the site like an app, save the URL to your homescreen.
Brenda Holling
From Alvin - What ensures the security of this data now and after we stop working for the foundation?
Ashley Picklo
Great question Alvin. We will have Doug touch on this near the end.
Brenda Holling
Does WKKF staff members have access to Doug to assist with this tool 1:1 in the future? Is this part of his contract?
Ashley Picklo
I will be including this sheet Doug is references in the Vine post with the recorded video so you all can have this.
Brenda Holling
Can you send us the sheet "What Keeps You Up At Night?"
Ashley Picklo
We will answer your other questions shortly
Matthew Shellenberger
Do they/we have access to tax specialists?
Sarah Snider
To answer for Doug and I, we merely recommend tax specialists to our clients that we work with and trust. Our particular contacts are local to Michigan, however.
Ashley Picklo
Thank you all for joining! We will be posting the recording as well as the worksheet and additional contact information on the Vine in the next few days. Email myself or Doug with any questions!